The Fritz Family

The Fritz family is such a sweet family! These are some of the most well-mannered kids I have ever been around! Landen just turned one and he’s a very active boy! I was worn out after chasing him around for a couple of hours. He’s definitely a lucky boy to have 3 super sweet big sisters and I would say they’re pretty smitten with him :-)


DSC_1075 DSC_1121 DSC_1175 DSC_1258bw DSC_1287 DSC_1311 DSC_1341 DSC_1373 DSC_1381 DSC_1397 DSC_1417 DSC_1472 DSC_1521 DSC_1548 DSC_1582 DSC_1596 DSC_1607bw DSC_1658 DSC_1742 DSC_1795bw

One thought on “The Fritz Family

  1. What a beautifull pictures!! Nice to meet you …. unexpectly ….
    I’m a cristian, living in Rio de Janeiro

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