Will & Ann

Will and Ann are expecting a baby girl in a few weeks! We took these photos in and around their brand new home. Lots of exciting things happening for them in the next month!

Can’t wait for that baby girl to get here. They’re going to be great parents! =)

DSC_6025 DSC_6031bw DSC_6041 DSC_6046 DSC_6098bw DSC_6100 DSC_6111bw DSC_6128 DSC_6199 DSC_6241 DSC_6248 DSC_6265 DSC_6314 DSC_6375DSC_6401 DSC_6426 DSC_6444 DSC_6454 DSC_6477 DSC_6514 DSC_6574 DSC_6597 DSC_6604bw DSC_6622 DSC_6654 DSC_6659 DSC_6670 DSC_6761 DSC_6764 DSC_6770

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