Addy is 6!

This session was SO much fun! Addy’s mom asked me about doing a small session of Addy by herself before their family session. She told me that her birthday party was Frozen themed and she was making her a special dress for it, so we decided we had to do a Frozen themed photo shoot! Complete with fake snow and glitter of course!

DSC_4200 DSC_4241 DSC_4449 DSC_4452bw DSC_4407bw DSC_4427 DSC_4466 DSC_4484bw
DSC_4525 DSC_4562 DSC_4574 DSC_4576 Such a ham! =)DSC_4588bw DSC_4591bw DSC_4604 DSC_4606 DSC_4613 DSC_4619 DSC_4642 DSC_4652bw DSC_4654 DSC_4670 DSC_4701 DSC_4723 DSC_4801 DSC_4822

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