Charley Jo – 14 months

I’m really winning mom of the year for taking 6 months to get these photos of Charley edited. I guess being busy editing photos for others is a good enough excuse :).

She’s, of course, one of my all time favorite subjects to photograph! She’s changed so much since I took these photos in August…’s time for me to do another session with her soon!

p.s. my mom made this sweet bird dress for her and I just love it!

dsc_8714 dsc_8723 dsc_8781 dsc_8787bw dsc_8820 dsc_8826 dsc_8897 dsc_8912 dsc_8930 dsc_8941 dsc_8959 dsc_8968 dsc_8972 dsc_9017 dsc_9020 dsc_9066 dsc_9103 dsc_9111bw dsc_9159 dsc_9333 dsc_9390

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