The Hazelrigg Family – Noblesville, IN

I LOVE the Hazelrigg family and have been blessed with the opportunity to photograph them for many years! They’re love for each other is contagious and I always walk away from our sessions together feeling filled up. I want to strive to have that type of contagious joy!

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Fritz Family – Noblesville, IN

Photographing a family of 6 with 4 young kids, can often be a little intimidating as a photographer. But this is so not the case with the Fritz family. They’re children are so well behaved and they are always sweet to each other. If I can raise kids half as sweet as theirs, it will feel like a success! I always look forward to working with the Fritz’s.

Please enjoy these photos off a lovely fall evening in downtown Noblesville!

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Dine on the Causeway Event – Cicero, IN

It was so fun to have the opportunity to shoot this unique event this past fall. The event was put together by Our Town Cicero. OTC is  a community organization dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy of downtown Cicero, IN and this event did just that!

The special night included a evening of dining on the causeway across Morse Lake, live music (from Sound Harbour Studio), a full bar, special treats from Sweet Inspirations Bakery, artwork by Hamilton Heights students and a special flag ceremony.

With a very rainy 24-36 hours leading up to the evening, I think everyone was wondering if it would all come together (there was a tent in the nearby park for back-up.) But everything went off without a hitch and the icing on the cake was a beautiful pink sunset to end the night!

dji_0003 dji_0007 dji_0011

A special thanks to my husband for these awesome drone photos!

dsc_0014 dsc_0020 dsc_0040 dsc_0029 dsc_0025 dsc_0052 dsc_0071 dsc_0226 dsc_0695 dsc_0734 dsc_0742 dsc_0753 dsc_0768 dsc_0771 dsc_0780 dsc_0841 dsc_0861bw dsc_0911 dsc_0918 dsc_0930 dsc_0978 dsc_0991 dsc_1003 dsc_1016 dsc_1020bw dsc_1023 dsc_1026 dsc_1051 dsc_1073bw dsc_1079 dsc_1092 dsc_1126

Cody & Shelby’s Wedding – Anderson, IN

Now that Shelby & Cody have been married for over 6 months, and are expecting their first child (yay!) I thought it was probably about time to post their gorgeous summer wedding on the blog. I have a thing for small, intimate weddings and this wedding was just that. Small, intimate ceremony, followed by a fun barn reception! The details, color palette and setting were absolutely perfect!


dsc_0402 dsc_0421 dsc_0422 dsc_0426 dsc_0438 dsc_0462 dsc_0471 dsc_0477 dsc_0485 dsc_0497 dsc_0500 dsc_0507 dsc_0543bw dsc_0547bw dsc_0578 dsc_0596bw dsc_0599 dsc_0601bw dsc_0621bw dsc_0639 dsc_0670bw dsc_0694 dsc_0739bw dsc_0749bw dsc_0756bw dsc_0769bw dsc_0881 dsc_0884 dsc_0888bw dsc_0939 dsc_0966 dsc_1010 dsc_1080bw dsc_1459 dsc_1481 dsc_1485 dsc_1500 dsc_1516 dsc_1529 dsc_1550 dsc_1557bw dsc_1584 dsc_1628 dsc_1654bw dsc_1920bw dsc_2209 dsc_2304 dsc_2409 dsc_2445 dsc_2446bw