Dine on the Causeway Event – Cicero, IN

It was so fun to have the opportunity to shoot this unique event this past fall. The event was put together by Our Town Cicero. OTC is  a community organization dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy of downtown Cicero, IN and this event did just that! The special night included a evening of dining on the causeway acrossContinue reading “Dine on the Causeway Event – Cicero, IN”

Meg | Pilates Session

  I shot these pictures of Meg a couple of months ago for her new website. It was a perfect evening for pictures and we had so much fun exploring around a shooting different poses. This grain elevator is my new favorite session location…..unfortunately I hear they’re tearing it down next year :(. Meg is an AWESOMEContinue reading “Meg | Pilates Session”