The Smith Family

I just LOVE a kid with a lot of personality and Mr. Brantley has just that. I had such a tough time narrowing down this gallery, because I love every single one of his faces. He definitely gave me plenty of opportunity to capture all of that personality!

At the end of the session, Brantley changed into his Halloween costume (they were headed trick or treating afterwards.) Our backyard was the perfect backdrop for a quick cowboy session…..cows and all :).

Feel the love <3!

A boy & his mama….so sweet!

Big stories!

Gosh….I just love this kid!

Nunemacher Family – Tipton, IN

These sassy girls and their parents are fun to work with each year. This year I got to meet their new pup and include her in some of their family photos.

The location of this shoot was a bed & breakfast just outside of Tipton, IN. It was the perfect spot for an unusually warm, late fall evening.

Fritz Family – Noblesville, IN

Photographing a family of 6 with 4 young kids, can often be a little intimidating as a photographer. But this is so not the case with the Fritz family. They’re children are so well behaved and they are always sweet to each other. If I can raise kids half as sweet as theirs, it will feel like a success! I always look forward to working with the Fritz’s.

Please enjoy these photos off a lovely fall evening in downtown Noblesville!

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