Baby Lincoln & his sweet cousin Eden

Rachel and I were roommates in college and she’s always been one of my dearest friends. Seeing her as a new mama is awesome. I always knew she would be such a great mom!

Little Lincoln is one of the cutest babies ever! That black hair and those dark eyes… His cousin Eden is equally as cute with her strawberry blonde locks and bright blue eyes. I have a feeling these cousins will always be close =)

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Baby Isaac

Isaac was such a tiny little guy, with long fingers and toes! He was determined to be wide awake and not miss a single thing during his session, but we were still able to get good mix of sleepy and awake pictures! Such a precious little boy!

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sweet baby Liam

It was an absolute joy to get to photograph sweet little Liam’s 8th day of life! Liam’s beautiful mama and I have been best friends since we were just babes ourselves. Crazy how time flies!





























Charlie doesn’t know what to think about the baby!


Liam looks pretty good in his dad’s old hat :)




And a few of his adorable nursery!