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1. Plan those outfits


One simple way to keep kiddos from getting cranky during our session together is to make sure they're fed! This may seem like a no-brainer, but photo sessions are often scheduled around dinner time. A couple little tweaks may need to be made to your regular schedule. Whether it's an early dinner or a good snack beforehand, avoiding hangry kids (and husbands) will help eliminate one possible distraction. A good nap for all and filling snack before you leave the house is always a good idea :).

3. Think about the details 

4. Make sure no one is tired or hangry

5. Don't Stress, relax, and be yourselves

I know when I schedule family photos, I often forget about the little details until last minute...the shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, etc. Getting those things laid out ahead of time will alleviate some of the stress of getting everyone ready the day of your session. Shoes are important and often an oversight. I think simple leather and/or neutral shoes are always a classic option. And, there's nothing better than some bare feet!

Last but certainly not least - be yourself. The most important thing is that we capture the authentic connection of your family. The real and the raw. Don't worry about a meltdown or things being absolutely perfect (kids always sense a tense parent!) Those real moments may feel a little overwhelming in the moment, but I know there will be a day in the not-too-far future, where we'll want to shrink our kiddos back to the size they were in these photos. And DO NOT apologize if your kids act up a bit during the session. Trust me - I understand! I've got two wild ones of my own that rarely preform in a picture perfect manner ;). See photo below as proof! 

This can often be the hardest part, but don't stress! Pinterest is a great place to start! First up, figure out the color palette you'd like to go with. Pick 3-4 colors and base each person's outfit around that palette. I think it works great to start with one piece - mom's dress, little man's sweater, or dad's button up. Pull colors from that item and coordinate to it. Remember learning about complimentary colors? I think this is a good way to choose color palettes that look great, without being matchy-matchy. Earthy and muted tones photograph well. Adding denim is always a good idea and neutrals look great, as long as there is a pop of color. Try to stay away from neon colors, logos, and lots of green (especially for a summer session - Indiana is very green in the summer!) And there's no need to match everyone perfectly. Letting each family member's unique style shine will truly capture them as you want to remember them in this season of life.

I used to think bribes for young kids were the way to go when getting kids excited for a photo session. However, I've kind of shifted my thinking on that a bit (hear me out!) I think we're better off when we hype our kids up for the photo session. Call it a fun adventure where they're going to just play and have fun for an hour with Colleen. Make it a whole adventure by planning an outing after the photos. I know this won't work for every age, but I have found that sometimes the offer of a bribe can be a bit confusing for some ages. Like "there mom I took a few pics, NOW can I have my ice cream?!" And in turn can often result in a meltdown. So, just talk a lot about things leading up to your session and tell them how much fun we're going to have!

 I'm Colleen, & I'm here to make your life a tiny bit easier when it comes to planning & executing your family's photo sessions. I want to see your bright shiny faces year after year and capture those wiggly kiddos as the grow & change so quickly. So, let's do whatever it takes to to make this fun & easy for everyone (even your husband)!

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